BCC Modules

White label

The White label module gives both the finance company and car dealer opportunity for receiving a unique and customised platform. As a finance company, you can arrange the dealers and business partners and give them limited access to adjusted products, rates, and conditions and terms.

As a car dealer, you receive a platform where the colours, logo, and fonts match your existing visual expression. Thus, a unique and customised solution is created both regarding content and look.


Do you dream of a system where your customers can configurate and order cars directly on your website? With the API-integration, the customer can configurate his dream car, accept the agreement, order the car with digital ID, pay online with the secure payment solution ePay, choose place of delivery, and lastly, receive information about when the car is expected to be delivered. All this can be on your website and in a visual expression that matches your existing expression.

When the customer changes his/her wants to, for instance, equipment and add-on services, the API integration makes sure that the leasing and loan granting are updated on a few seconds.

Digital signatur and GDPR-compliance

Avoid spending time on the manual paper work where the agreement documents need to be printed and signed by hand. With digital signature in BCC, the contract formation becomes fast, effective, and secure for all parts. A copy of the contract is being sent to all the concerned parts, who are requested to sign it with their Nem-ID. We recommend Penneo as the integration partner, however, we can make integrations with other suppliers, e.g. e-Boks.

Dealer portal

As a car dealer, you get a user-friendly sales tool that gives you a great overview of the leasing and loan applications as well as contracts.

The dealer portal makes it easy to create offers, obtain customer consent, and get the contract signed via digital signature. Afterwards, the application is sent directly to processing at the finance company via BCC. At the same time, the Dealer portal gives you a great overview of all cases including a short status.

As an extra feature, the finance company can share relevant news and documents via the Dealer portal to ensure that the dealer is updated with the latest news.

Sales platform

The sales platform makes it easier for you as a car dealer to find the right car and generate leasing and loan offers. The sales platform works as one complete platform and you are given direct access to AutoDesktop and Bilinfo.net. The cars can be found in the large car databases on the platform where you can generate offers on the cars you select. The offers are sent directly to the finance company via BCC where they are handled.

Moreover, the integration between BCC and AutoDektop/Bilinfo.net entails that you in both systems can:

  • Choose between the different accessible products/profiles that are set up in BCC (with terms, rates, and interests)
  • Calculate leasing and loan repayments at the time of tendering
  • Upload and download files, e.g. contract of sale, legitimation, and annual tax return
  • Receive automatic status on the handling of applications
  • Set up leasing or loan agreements with opportunity for choosing add-on services and dealer service

Additionally, in AutoDesktop you can:

  • Create and maintain an open dialogue between seller and finance company by means of comments and file sharing

Additionally, in Bilinfo.net you can:

  • Set up banner ads on bilbasen.dk and attract customers with three active loan finance offers

Fleet portal

The Fleet portal is the perfect solution for you, if you are a leasing and/or a finance company that wishes to offer your fleet customers a system, which can manage the whole process from the set-up of the car policy and conditions to the handling/processing of applications.

It is a user-friendly tool for the responsible person that handles the cars in the company. For instance, it is easy to set up terms and conditions for defined user groups and thereby manage which cars the employees are allowed to lease. For the individual employee, it is simple to configurate his/her leasing car and send an application for approval.

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