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In more than 15 years, we have acquired a great amount of knowledge developing the best software for the automotive industry. Thus, we have been able to develop IT systems that create a competitive advantage for our customers. We are experts in our field and therefore we can be the perfect match to shape and design your next IT project. In this way, everything from the introductory phases to the final implementation is managed best possible.



IT projects from A-Z

We are developing ground-breaking and productive solutions for our customers. Therefore, we have lots of experience with handling a project from the early start-up with idea phases and planning to the final product testing and subsequently implementation.

You are very welcome to contact us if you have any desires for a solution that we should help you with.

We can guide you  

We always offer consultation in the development of software systems in close relationship with your own developers.

Today, we have several customers who continuously buy consultation services from us, for instance, when they have an increased requirement for development and know-how in all phases of a development process.

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We offer support agreements to all our solutions


We always offer a customised support agreement to all our products and projects which covers all of your necessary needs. Our Customer Care team is trained in all our products, and thus, they make sure to solve potential challenges as soon as possible.

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We are experts in softwaresolutions for car commerce and helps daily some of Denmarks largest leasing- og financingcompanies. Should we also help you?

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